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Attending Global Sports Academy was a great experience for our son. He really enjoyed the multi-sport aspect of the program. There is an emphasis on teamwork and friendly competition that encourages students to excel in everything they do. The Global staff are focused on building good people, not just good athletes. They really care about each student and work hard to meet their needs and help them to reach their goals. The friendships made and life-skills learned at Global are things our son will always carry with him.
The Global Sport Academy program is a very well-run school-partnered program. The quality of the instructors is excellent – as parents of a goalie, having a dedicated goalie coach  has been fantastic for our son’s development both on and off-ice. Being a goaltender is more than technical skill in net, it is mental strength and performance and the goalie coaching has helped with both of these aspects of the position for our son.
As a family, our interaction with the Global Sport Academy program has been very positive. We have been so impressed with the time and effort that all facilitators have put into planning and developing activities, both on and off the ice. Every attempt has been made to create a program that is not only focused on the core values but is also *fun* for the athletes. It is very obvious that all staff involved genuinely care. We see this in both the hockey aspect of the academy, but also the schooling and academic aspect.
The Global Sport Academy Program has been a real confidence booster for our son Jaden. Golf is a passion for him and it's wonderful to watch the program really cultivate that. He has had some excellent instruction, tons of practice and gameplay, as well as a trip down to Phoenix that created memories he will never forget

Global Sport Academy Group and its amazing team of Mentors, Teachers, Coaches and Staff are a top-notch youth sports organization whose focus on the development of personal integrity, academic excellence, and athletic skills for sports-minded students resonated with us immediately, so we signed up without hesitation. The program did not disappoint.  Their focused goal-setting and transparent communication keep parents well-informed. They are always very prompt to respond to any parent requests, which make us feel involved and individually supported even as part of a large organization like this - that is not an easy thing to balance. A super unique and wonderful part of their program is the introduction of various character-builder classes such as 'how to be a gentleman', etc. We feel that any organization that includes 'integrity' as part of their education platform is the right place for our student. As for athletic development, we were very impressed to receive a detailed sport report card with personalized technical skills assessment that was broken down to multiple subcategories that had meaningful feedback including areas of growth within each. These cards were clearly put together by insightful Coaches with a keen eye for talent and professional development.  Hats off, Global Sport Academy, we thank you for what you have done and continue to do for us!

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We encourage our members to strive to reach their potential in academics and athletics, while also helping to nurture lasting bonds and relationships that last into adulthood.