Hockey Eye-Q

Education and innovation for the modern hockey player

Welcome to Calgary’s one of a kind Hockey Training Facility.

Hockey Eye-Q is an off-ice training platform that improves players' Read & React cognitive capabilities, which are critical for peak performance.

Train your Hockey IQ with Hockey Eye-Q today!


How it works

Cutting-edge technology will provide hockey players of all skill levels with an innovative way to develop their skills.

The athlete is transported into a 20 thousand seat arena to begin their training. Everything is just as real - you will hear the familiar sounds of an ice rink, when you catch the puck, when you hit the glass and so much more. Player profiles allow you to track and compare your results to players around the world. From U10 to Professionals there is a training program for you!

Train Your Brain Find Your Edge

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The most important muscle in hockey is your brain. How's yours? Train and improve your Read & React skills by using state-of-the-art technology. Find your edge, today.