We believe in supporting our student-athletes and ensuring they have access to every resource possible to be successful in their sport and in life. New to our 2022/2023 Global Sport Academy Programming, we are offering multiple add on enhancements that fit your needs. 

Package 1: Academics $1,000 + TAX

  • NCSA Access
  • Tutoring (5 sessions)

Package 2: Academics + Nutrition $2,500 + TAX

  • NCSA Access
  • Tutoring ( 5 sessions)
  • Made Foods Lunch Program (2 meals per week)
  • Nutrition Consulting (3 sessions)

Package 3: Full $3,950 + TAX

  • NCSA Access
  • Tutoring (5 sessions)
  • Made Foods Lunch Program (5 meals per week)
  • Nutrition Consulting (3 sessions)
  • X-Factory Training (5 sessions + base line testing)
  • TeamBuildr Training App

More about NSCA:

NCSA has refined the tools that student-athletes need during the college recruiting process to find their college match. NCSA offers tools and a network of 35,000+ college coaches that enable student-athletes to make commitments to theri college choice. NCSA is the world's largest and most experienced college athletic recruiting network. Village Sports and Global Sport Academy helps build our student-athlete profiles, offers guidence and recommendations and sets our student-athletes up for the best options in their sport journey.

More about TeamBuildr:

TeamBuildr is an online strength and conditioning app that allows our student-athletes to access X-Factory training when they want it. 

More about Made Foods:

We have partnered with Made Foods to bring a convenient, healthy and affordable lunch program to our Global Athletes! You can have delicious and healthy meals delivered right to your Global Classroom.

“We are committed to developing outstanding lifelong leaders through excellence in academics and in sport.”

— Paul Bradley, CEO Village Sport Group